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Fleming Outdoors 2015 Poultry Catalog

Feb 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Fleming Outdoors Poultry Catalog. You can click on this link or the catalog image to download and view the catalog. If you have any questions about this catalog please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-624-4493.

Fleming Outdoors Catalog 2015

Happy Veteran’s Day

Nov 11, 2014


5 Day Sale Savings 40% – 50% Off – October 25th – 29th

Oct 24, 2014

FO_HProt-5DaySale-compressed - Mobile

We would like to invite you to our 5 Day Fall Sale. Enjoy savings 40% – 50% Off on select items.

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Hen House Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Sep 5, 2014

We would like to introduce you to our new Automatic Chicken Coop Door. We have two models available. Standard and Advanced. The Advanced model includes Sunrise, Sunset Capability for the opening of the door.

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• LCD Display
• Setup Mode for easily changing settings
• On Board Instructions (no paper required)
• AM/PM or 24-hour clock option
• Door Calibration with Stop and Step Functions for fine tuning open and close positions
• Low Battery Warning Indicator, on Screen
• LED Warning Indicator Light
• Integrated System Test Functionality
• Dirt/Moisture protected PCB Board
• Sealed Gearbox and Bearings
• Lithium IC Clock (time is unaffected by outages)
• Plug In Ready
• 30 Day Product Parts Warranty, 1 Year Motor Warranty
• Battery Backup if Electrical Power Fails (Through the 4 AA Batteries)

Standard Door: $235.00 Advanced Door: $285.00

Hen Hydrator Chicken Waterer

Apr 22, 2014

Here is a new chicken waterer from Little Giant. This waterer uses the same type of chicken waterer nipples we sell in 10 packs. Chicken Waterer Nipples.

The Hen Hydrator Waterer keeps your water clean and helps prevent disease. The translucent bucket allows easy viewing of the water level. Blue color provides UV protection to prevent algae growth. Gravity-fee hen hydrator provides access to clean water on demand Lid fits tightly to prevent spills and protects contents while easy to remove fill plug alllows for refilling 4 nipples can accommodate 4 birds each. 3.5 Gallon Capacity.

Click Here For The Hen Hyrdrator Chicken Waterer $19.95

Egg Incubator – Tips and Info

Mar 27, 2014

Here are some more tips when using and egg incubator to hatch your eggs.

Incubator Placement: It is best to place your incubator in a room that has a good stable temperature and plenty of fresh air. If you are considering placing it in a barn or somewhere the temperature will fluctuate during the night and day I would recommend using the Hova Bator Genesis Egg Incubator. This incubator has a digital thermostat and will work well in those type areas.

Circulating Fan: Not all incubators have a circulating fan built in them. We strongly recommend using the fan. It will keep your air in the incubator circulated and also will keep the temperature more constant. This will improve your hatch rate considerably. If you incubator doesn’t have a fan in it you can find one at this link. Circulated Fan Kits.

Turning Eggs: Eggs should be turned 3 times per day at the same time. If you do not use an egg turner its best to turn them in the morning, the afternoon and right before you go to bed at night. You can get an Automatic Egg Turner and this will keep you from having to turn the eggs yourself. It will also keep you from opening the incubator daily.

Hatching: Eggs should be turned the first 18 days. After that you will need to take them out of the egg turner and place them on their side. It is very important not to open the incubator during this period of time. Your humidity will need to be raised by 10% during the last 3 days. Once the chicks start hatching you will need to leave the baby chicks in the incubator to dry off. This will also help encourage the chicks that have not already hatched to come out. You can remove the chicks after they have dried off to a Chicken Brooder.

You Can Find All Our Egg Incubators and Supplies At This Link

Egg Incubator – Hatching Quick Tips

Mar 26, 2014

Today I am going to list some of the key factors in the incubation and hatching of eggs. We get many phone calls especially this time of the year looking for answers on how to get eggs to hatch using an egg incubator. Below you will find some of the key factors in a successful hatch.

Temperature: The ideal operating temperature in any incubator is 99 – 100 degrees. When selecting an incubator always remember one with a fan provides you with a much better ability to maintain the proper temperature.

Humidity: During the first 18 days of incubation you will need your humidity to be 57 – 60 degrees. The last three days you will want to raise that to 65%.

Egg Turning: All eggs must be turned for the 1st 18 days during the incubation process. The turning of the eggs causes the yolk of the egg to be re-positioned away from the shell. When selecting an incubator I highly recommend getting an egg turner. The egg will need to be turned 3 times a day. It can be done by hand if you do not want an egg turner.

Sanitation: When using and incubator it is very critical that the incubator is sanitized. We recommend after using the incubator to fully sanitize the incubator. Always keep your hands fully sanitized when handling eggs. Eggs have pores and can get bacteria in them by dirty hands.

Click Here For A Full Line of Egg Incubators

4 Day Sale – March 19-22 Savings Up To 40% Off

Mar 21, 2014

We invite you to our 4 Day Sale for savings up to 40% off select items. Remember you can also take your $10 off on orders over $95 Coupon Code: ten.

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Spring Cleaning Your Chicken Coop

Feb 17, 2014

This past weekend I decided to do some spring cleaning on our chicken coop. I know February might be a little early for most with the winter weather we have been experiencing, but in the South we occasionally get some 65 Degree weather on the weekends. I wanted to share with you some of the things I did to get my coop nice and clean for the upcoming year.

Remove All Litter and Bedding: I used a poly leaf rake to remove the litter out of the house. When selecting our coop I made sure to get a glassboard floor and clean out door and believe me it makes cleaning much easier. I removed all the litter making sure the corners of the nest boxes were scrapped and cleaned. Getting the bedding out of the nest boxes wasnt very easy. I used a tool to scrape out all the corners and then removed the bedding.

Clean Walls, Perches & Spider Webs: After you remove all the litter, you will want to clean out the interior of the coop. This is very dusty so I recommend using a facemask. I first removed all the cob webs in the ceiling. I then brushed down the walls with a broom removing all the dust. One of the best ways to get the remaining dust out is using a leaf blower. Just make sure to use a facemask so you dont breathe in all the dust.

Spray Coop Down With Poultry Protector: Once the coop was clean of all litter I sprayed it down with Poultry Protector. I used the Poultry Protector Concentrate and mixed it in a 1 gallon sprayer. The Poultry Protector will help eliminate any fleas, mites and lice that are left in the coop. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressed and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best; Increase egg production and Gain body weight. The elimination of parasites and insects will help to also decrease mortality rates in young birds. Poultry Protector is 100% environmentally friendly and safe for your birds.

Put New Bedding In Coop: Our chicken coop is a quaker style coop that is 5′ x 8′. I used a premium pine shaving for the bedding and it took 1 1/2 bags to get a good coating on the floor about 4″ – 6″ deep. I recommend having a thick coating because the birds will scratch a good bit of it around. It will also make more litter when you clean it out.

Recycle Your Litter: Always remember that chicken litter is one of the best natural fertilizers you can use on your flower bed or garden. We will be putting it in a compost bin for use in a garden and rose bed.

Spray Chickens Down With Poultry Protector: Since it was warm I decided to go ahead and spray the chickens down with the Poultry Protector I mixed up. Hopefully killing all parasites that might be on them. They all were in good condition but it is always best to try to stay ahead of the mites and fleas.

Keeping a nice clean chicken coop makes it much more inviting to kids when they go checking for eggs. It really doesnt take much time and it makes your coop a much better place for you chickens to stay. I had only been finished about 10 minutes and our bunny was already in the coop checking it out. I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-800-624-4493 or at

1 Gallon Galvanized Chicken Waterer

Feb 10, 2014

Carry water to your backyard flock and water them in the same bucket! Unique design serves as a bucket for filling and carrying, then converts to a gravity-feed waterer. Sturdy galvanized steel has rolled edges for safety. You won’t find anything easier to fill, carry, and clean. 1-gallon size with built-in handle is perfect for small poultry flocks. Recommended for adult birds.

1 gal Galvanized Chicken Waterer Bucket $11.95